Christmas Activities And Unique Traditions Around The World In 2020

There are different Christmas activities in different countries all around the world. Some also have unique traditions of Christmas. But in 2020 due to pandemics and lockdown around the world so the Christmas activities are a little bit different. Because people have to stay at home.

Christmas 2020

Christmas activities start from the winter holidays. So people are busy with their traditions of it, such as singing carols, decorating trees, baking cookies and so on.

History of Christmas

Christmas is a festival of ChristiaThere are big candles. which they celebrate on December 25 to commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ. Though the date is not clear mostly believe on 25 December. But universally accepted this date and celebrated.

Christmas activities and traditions in different countries


There are so many different Christmas traditions in the United State. Because it is a country of multi-cultural nature.


This is a traditional meal of Western European families. Ham with cranberry sauce, cabbage dishes, soups kielbasa, and lasagne are part of the turkey.

Christmas Tree

Christmas tree decoration is another Americans traditions. They decorate their tree with different ornaments and lighting. Some Americans also use pop-corn threaded on a string to help decorate their Christmas tree. Some people use real trees but some use artificial ones. These artificial trees are made of feathers, paper, metal, glass, and any different type of plastic.


It is a tradition of Christmas in America. Eggnog is a drink which is made of hot milk mined with wind or spices and ale. Also, some eggs are being mixed in it. So you can also call it Christmas traditional drink.

Visit the church

Many Americans go to church on Christmas to celebrate the birth of Jesus. They sing and listen to Christmas carols.

Christmas shops

In many American cities, there are delicate shops for Christmas. So these shops are called Christmas shops because they only sell Christmas decorations and toys all year round.

Make a gingerbread house

Making a gingerbread house is also a tradition of Christmas. It allows you a lot of fun, decoration, and play with food.

Hide the Christmas pickles

In the peculiar tradition of Christmas. It is an ornament shaped like a pickle. So the Christmas pickle is hanged in the tree secretly the night before Christmas.

Christmas cards

People send Christmas greetings to each other through cards. These are all types of cards such as pictures, jokes, winter pictures, romantic scenes, Santa Claus. Many charities sell their own Christmas cards for raising money at Christmas.

Santa Claus

Christmas 2020 santa+claus

People decorate their houses and side lighting is also common, a lot of families take part in secret Santa Christmas presents. Some left out as a snack, cookies, and a glass of milk for Santa on Christmas Eve. So in the USA towns cities, and streets are decorated with lights. A big huge Christmas tree with a public ice skating rink in front of it in New York.

United Kingdom

In the united kingdom often families celebrate Christmas together. They exchange their gifts and open them.

Christmas Tree

In the UK the Christmas tree is decorated on Christmas eve. So it is an evergreen tradition of this day, a fir tree is used for it. People together decorate it. This tradition has first popularized in the UK by Prince Albert the husband of Queen Victoria.

Holly Ivy

Holly Ivy, Mistletoe, and other greenery are used in Christmas activities. They think that it wards off evil spirits and brings good luck for new growth. So they decorate homes and other buildings with it.

Christmas lights

Most towns, streets, villages, and cities are decorated with Christmas lights. Usually, a famous person in the area is switched on. The most famous bigger and better light in the UK is in Oxford Street in London.

Nativity plays

It is a UK tradition which is for primary schools to perform nativity play. This play recreates the birth of Jesus and tells of how mary and Joseph were visited by shepherds and wise men. It is a popular Christmas tradition.


These services are also very famous at Christmas time. Carol is sung in churches. It is only a candlelight service, so the church is only lit up the candle has this service.

Santa Claus

Children have believed that Santa Claus leave gifts in stocking or pillowcases for them. So usually they hung up them by the fireplace or by the children’s bed on Christmas evening.


It is an ancient custom of Christmas in the UK. Basically wassailing is a drink that is made of mulled ale, roasted apple, cloves, eggs, curdled cream, nutmeg, sugar, and ginger. It is served in a huge bowl. This custom is not common these days.

Christmas meal

Roasted beef and goose are the main Christmas meal of UK. Popoele often eats their festival day. It is usually roasted vegetables, roast turkey, and sometimes bacon and sausages, Christmas pudding is often their dessert. In mince pies and lots of chocolates. Trifle is also the most popular dessert of Christmas.


The dinner table in the UK is decorated with a Christmas cracker for every member. Flowers and candles are also part of this table.

Christmas cake

In the UK the Christmas cake is also famous. It is a rich fruit cake which is covered with marzipan and icing.


In Japan Christmas is not celebrated as a religious holiday. Because there are not so many Christians in Japan. But now they perform many customs of Christmas which came to form the USA.

Christmas cards

Japanese send Christmas cards to their friends, relatives who are far off and also who are near to them. There is the ribbon on them, these are many types such as best whish, jokes.,winter photos and romantic poems and so on.


Exchanges of presents are also very famous Christmas activities in Japan. They open their gift on Christmas day.

Day of happiness

Japanese believes that Christmas is not only a religious celebration but also a time of spread happiness. They think Christmas eve is thought of as a romantic day, so couples spend time together and exchange gifts. So you can say that it resembles valentine’s day.

Food of Christmas

People often eat fried chicken on this day. This is the busiest time for restaurants because people place orders of their fast food in the restaurant in advance. Their traditional Christmas food is cake. It is not a rich fruit cake, it is usually a sponge cake which decorates with whipped cream and strawberries.


Some especially and famous music is singing in Japan at Christmas. Their famous music is known as “daiku” choirs sing all over the country.

Visit Disneyland

Another famous activity of Christmas in Japan especially in Tokyo is a visit to Disneyland. Basically, this opens in 1983 in Tokyo. Now from the whole country people come there and see all decorations and the parades.


People of the Philippines like to celebrate Christmas as long as possible. So many Christmas activities are started in September. But their formel celebrations starts on 16 December. Their Christmas traditions are a mixture of western and natives in the Philippines. So they have some traditions such as Santa Claus, Christmas cards.


The Philippines also have their own Christmas activities, parol is one of them. It is basically a bamboo pole or frame with a lighted star on it. This traditionally decorated with cellophane paper, colored Japanese paper. A star that represents that it guided like wise men. It is a very popular Christmas activity of the people of the Philippines.

Christmas Eve

It is very important for Filipino. They go to church to hear the Christmas eve mass.

Noche Buena

It is a midnight feast Noche Buena is a big open house celebration with family friends relative, and wish a merry Christmas there. Many people have several dishes laid out such as hum, rice cake, Lechon, fruit salad, steamed rice, and other sweets, steamed rice and so many different types of drinks.


Father of Christmas is a very special person who helps the needy people and children. So many Filipino help Santa Claus in his charity missions.


Christmas is celebrated in chile very warmly because it is the middle of summer in Chile.

Christmas celebrations

In chile, people like to decorate their houses with lights and Christmas trees. Sometimes they compete with one another to see who can have the best and beautiful lights.

Nativity Scenes

Nativity scenes also an important and famous tradition. They use the little figures of clay in them.

Christmas Eve

For the people of chile, Christmas eve is the most important day over Christmas. In the evening families and friends gather for a big meal at about 9 Pm or 10 Pm. The Chilean Christmas cake is “Pan de Pascua”.Many families like barbecue and chicken, pork, and turkey. A popular Christmas drink of Chileans is “Cola de Mono” which is made from milk, coffee, cinnamon, sugar, and liquor.


For many years Portugal ruled Brazil so many Portugal traditions come in Brazilian Christmas traditions. They play Nativity scenes.

Missa do Galo

Many people especially Catholics will go to a midnight Mass service called Missa do Galo. So the mass is normally finished at about 1:00 am.

Fire Work

After visiting church and Miissa do Gallo there is a big firework display. These big firework displays in big towns and cities, and also make a big Christmas tree-shaped display of electric lights.

Secret Santa

It is also a popular tradition of Brazilian at Christmas. In this custom, they give small gifts all December and people reveal their amigo secret on Christmas day.

Christmas Food

Brazilian like mostly Christmas food is pork, ham, turkey, fresh and dried fruits and salads. All these foods served with rice which is cooked with raisins and farofa. Ice cream is their popular Christmas desserts.


Nativity Crib

The big tradition of France is to decorate their houses with the help of Nativity Carib. They use clay figures in them. When December comes cities and towns have fairs to sell these Nativity cribs and also have nativity figures in them.

Yule logs

In french homes often burn yule logs which are made of cherry wood. It is their tradition that these logs will carry into the home on Christmas and sprinkle with red wine make the smell of the log nice. They have the custom to burn the log and candle with some food and drink all night. So the body of Jesus comes past during the night.

Christmas Meal

In France, the main Christmas meal is called”Revveill on”.They take it on Christmas eve and morning when people returned from the midnight church service. In their meal include roast goose, foie gras, oysters, cheese, and venison. The dessert is consists of chocolate, and sponge cake log.


There are summer holidays in Australia when Christmas comes. So in Australia Christmas is very hot.

Christmas Decoration

Australians decorate their home and garden with Christmas trees and lights. People also hang garland on the front door of their houses. They also make little competitions of lighting display with neighbors. They also decorate their houses with a cluster of Christmas bush and a native Australian tree with small green leaves and cream-colored flowers.


There are a big candlelight service and also large carols. Famous Australian singers sing carols. These carols services held in different cities and towns. Many schools in towns and cities also hold their own carols by candlelight services.

Santa or Father of Christmas

Australians also think Santa comes on Christmas. So children leave carrots and some cake for Santa with some cold beer.

Christmas Meal

Most families eat Christmas meals together and most people now have cold Christmas dinner in the meal included seafood, prawns, lobsters along with seafood on Christmas day.


Finland people have belive that Santa Claus belongs to their country. There is also a big tourist park called Christmas land near to where the Sant clause lives.

Celebrate Christmas at Home

In Finland, everyone tries to celebrate his Christmas at home even the fisherman also at home.

Animals and Christmas

The people of Finland hang some kind of food for animals and also hung nuts and pieces of suet to branches of the tree for briods.

Christmas Eve

Christmas day and Eve is most important for them. They have a tradition that they eat a plum, rice, and porridge at this night.

Christmas Night

When it comes dark in Finland at Christmas, they go to cemeteries and visit the graves of family members. Candle and lantern are left around the grave. So the whole cemetery glows with lanterns shining in snow.

Christmas Meal

The main Christmas meal in Finland is eaten early evening, salted fish is their traditional starter. In dessert is aked rice pudding which they eat with spiced plum jam.


In Germany, the Christmas celebrations start from advent.

Christmas Trees

Christmas trees are very important for Germans. They bring trees into their houses and decorates them with lights and stars.

Christmas Markets

Germany is famous for its Christmas markets. In these markets, all sorts of Christmas foods, decorations, famous glass ornaments for decorations are sold.

Das Christkind

In this tradition, German children ask their parents for gifts. They write a letter which decorates suger glue and sparkly to make it attractive. So the children leave their letter on the windowsill at the start of Advent.

Father of Christmas

When christkind put in the windowsill children hope for their present. And St Nicholas comes in the night between5th and 6th and put the gifts into the children’s shoes.


This is another tradition of German they start sings and go from house to house, sing a song, and collect money for charity. These singers are four children. One carries a star on a stick and the other three dress up as wise men.

Christmas Meal

The main Christmas meal consists of goose and carp. Stollen is also a famous fruited yeast bread that is eaten in Christmas meal.

Here we describe Christmas celebrations in some countries. While the celebrations are traditionally but they all share their memories on social media. Because people spend there more time on social media. So after Christmas, they share their  Christmas activities with their followers, friends, and relatives.

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