What is Cyberbulling? Cyberbulling is pervasive and getting worse.

What is cyberbullying? Every social media user should know about this crime. Cyberbullying is a significant social evil and it is pervasive and getting worse day by day. cyberbullying takes place over digital devices of the modern age, like computers or laptops, cell phones,  and tablets. Therefore we have many disadvantages to these digital media. Wheres, we are facing some social evils.

Cyberbullying is a big social media crime.

Likewise, cyberstalking & social media trolls, cyberbullying is pervasive and getting worse now a day.


can take place through  Text, and apps, SMS, or online in social media, platforms, or gaming. Where people can view, take part in, or share their experience of games and content. Cyberbullying consists of posting, sending, or harmful, sharing negative, or mean content about who’s we don’t know. And it becoming pervasive and getting worst day by day.

Effect on a person’s life

That can include sharing private or personal information about that person, which can cause embarrassment or humiliation for him. Some cyberbullying crosses the line into illegal or criminal behaviour. It, also known as online bullying.

where can cyberbullying occur?

  • SMS also is known as Text Message sent through devices.
  • Social Media, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat and Email
  • Instant Message on devices, email provider services, apps, and social media messaging features.

Cyberbullying can damage the online reputations of any person, not just the person being bullied. But those doing the bullying or participating in it. Cyberbullying is increasing among teenagers. As you know, digital space is growing day by day, online harassment also growing speedily, especially in the teenager. They share their phone, which provides leakage. Therefore avoid sharing this type of thing.

Multiple social media account.

Many people have more than one social media accounts. One of the accounts they use for cyberbullying or to keep an eye on someone else. One person who has two Facebook accounts among one was their fake account, and they use it to track girls.

They use their videos and pictures and other material to harass them. And try to trap for sexual pursuits. They are actual bullies.

How people become cyberbullies.

It is my perception, you agree or not. a lot of sex videos and picture material readily available on the internet. Therefore teenage boys and girls download and watch these materials, which case stimulation in their body.

In this way, these people destroyed their life. Another reason behind this social evil are parents; they do not give proper time to their children.

Teenage is a very vulnerable life, and these people betray very quickly. So a parent should take responsibility and an eye on their children actives and their friends because its company knows a man.

By law can you stop cyberbullying?

Hence countries have laws to respond to bullying. Many countries do not put on this social crime under these laws, the role of bullying that happened.

Govt may take action either as required by law or with local policies that allow them to discipline or take other action. Some countries also have facilitated to bullying; it can affect.

Some tips for a deal with cyberbullying.

  • Do not respond to any message or post
  • Save the evidence  of cyberbullying
  • Do not take revenge
  • Report threats
  • Stop communication from the cyberbullying

conclusively, if you practice the above all tips you may save yourself from cyberbullies harassment. And I think because of these tips maybe you can able to save your children from bullies.

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