Facebook Social Media Leader:- It has 2.5 billion active user.

Facebook is a social media leader with 2.5 billion active users every month, Which is more than 30% of the world population. Facebook is a USA based company established by Mark Zuckerberg late in 2003; its first name was “Facemash” Now it stands at number 4 in Alexa rank.


Why Social Media Leader:-

Each and every registered user on Facebook has a personal profile that shows their posts and content. The news feed appears on every user’s homepage and highlights information, including profile changes, upcoming events, and friends’ birthdays.

Therefore 350 million pictures and 9 million videos uploaded on a daily bases. One-fourth population is active on the Facebook world wide.

Why I am telling you this story about Facebook because I want you to get benefited by its power. Imagen! How it is useful for your business. But sometimes we have to face social media trolls. Try to avoid or ignore these people.

Covid 19 lockdown:-

As you now, due to the coronavirus, the whole world in under lockdown condition, and thousands of people are getting unemployed.

All industry is suffering due to it, but social media gained more popularity. World big industries such as tourism and airline getting bank corrupt.

This is the time to get benefits from social power—especially Facebook, which is the market leader in the social media industry.

Inbound marketing:-

May you know inbound marketing, it is all about sharing the information about the product to educate people about your products. All is done organically through SEO.  Hance organic social game is getting harder to play. But remember, Facebook is top of the funnel, phenomenally powerful at every stage of the funnel when done right.

Prons of Facebook marketing:-

  1. Facebook ads are very cheap as compared to traditional advertising.
  2. You can target a particular audience, demographic, interest base, behaviour, gender base, age concerned retargeting, lookalike audience, which is not possible in traditional marketing.
  3. A huge cellphone user audience, it is vital for each individual to have a smartphone. Either he is at home or work. He/she must spend more than two hours a day on it.
  4. It improves your brand awareness. Only you have to create a Facebook business page for your business then upload good and catchy content on it to attract the user. This also provides one to one communication for your company and provide healthy feedback for your business.
  5. Compelling insight feature, Facebook provides an extensively analytic quality for your campaign. By which you can modify your campaign for better ORI.

Facebook reach vs. paid reach:-

Post reach means how many people see posts at least once. And organic reach means post published and reach people with paying to Facebook. And paid space means you have to pay money against the extent of your post.

If you have catchy content that forces people to engage with it, the content will go viral. If you make viral videos or post for your product, of course, it will provide a massive benefit to your business.

Paid reach is also best for your business if you do not have a good fan following. You can reach your targeted audience exactly.

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