12 Instagram pros and cons for business now a days:-

Instagram is a famous social media platform these days, I shall discuss 12 most common Instagram pros and cons for business. But you know many of us using the Instagram business account. So you should understand the pros and cons of Instagram for business accounts? Here I am going to tell you 12 pros and cons of Instagram for business nowadays.

Over two years, an Instagram business account has become more common. And it is nearly over 26 million business account connected with this social media network. So this social media is the hub of the social system.

Pros of using Instagram for business profile.

When we transfer our profile into our business account, first of all, we should know the pros and cons of Instagram.

1. Instagram gives customers a visual recommendation of his offering.

Today pictures and videos’ are sources of describing the content on the internet. When you want to show your products or services to targeted demographics, visual graphics help you a lot. And this  Instagram provides you with a simple upload.

2. Instagram Ads give traffic to your website.

Organic Instagram pictures, regular Instagram ads allow your business to add clickable links to promote your posts. This considers the key to advertising on Instagram. So these posts helpful to drive traffic to your business website.

3. Instagram extends your reach.

Are you want to extend your reach, then Instagram is among the best social network. Because people share photos and videos with other people on this network. So many businessmen are also using Instagram to a broader audience, and they engage many people by sharing pictures and videos to boost their business or brand.

4. You can easily run ads to boost your brand awareness.

No doubt advertising is very effective on Instagram for your business. According to Instagram, you have to do two things to run an ad,

  • A Facebook page
  • An Instagram business account

Because Insta is owned by Facebook it is complementary to the Facebook account. When you are switching over an Instagram business account, you can find an option to run ads of any kind to enhance your customer or follower to your page or account—adding links in your stories also magnificent effect on your business account.

5. Get insight into your followers.

Insta gives insight option to analyze, how your follower interacts with your post and videos. It also allows you to know the demographics of your followers. All the function of the insights:-

  • The total impression of a week
  • Top 7 recent posts
  • story insights
  • Top location of country and city
  • Age range

These are the significant insights metric that is using to maximize growth, and engagement of account.

6. Instagram makes it easy to share your brand, s massage

Insta makes it easy to share your message, picture, or conversion of the brand instead of any social media platform. If an image has a big impression, then there is a big chance that your image can go viral. So you receive a lot of new visitors to your platform.

7. This is easy to use for mobile devices

Many of the Instagram users ready to use it because it is easy to use on mobile devices. If you bring your business on the Instagram account, then it is a big chance of getting more leads and customers. Insta also gives you the option to create new communities with every image that you share.

8. Instagram has direct contact

When you make an Instagram business account, you are opening a new channel of communication for users. Know your follower has a new option of the “contact” button. The follower will able to:-

  • Email
  • Call
  • Visit your location

It all depends on the contact information you provide on your Facebook page.

9. The shopping experience on the go.

A lot of thanks to Instagram’s most recent updates in 2019, now Instagram’s business profile has access to a full in-app shop facebook has expanded. Now business account users on Insta can link their Facebook product to their Instagram profile. Individuals can shop anything in 20 hours on the go.

10. Instagram is growing very swiftly.

Instagram is growing faster and faster than any social media platform. Instagram has up to 51x the engagement rate of Facebook and 21x the engagement rate of Twitter while there may be limited demographics at other social media platforms for business.

11. The power of Hashtags (#).

The hashtag makes it easy to have a new follower connect with your account. It helps to increase the reach of business with simple searches that users of the perform daily. It is a very effective way to increase the space of a brand for specific goals.

12. Insta has quick responses

Most businessmen can see reactions within the first 6 hours of it going live. This is a good clue for a brand to how products and services are going to be received. And On another hand, they can adjust what they are offering and promote with maximizing the value proposition.

Cons of Instagram for business profile

There are some drawbacks to some social media platforms. If there are pros, on the other hand, it has some cons for business accounts.

1. High engagement, but conversion is low

There is a con for a business that it is true that users’ experience is almost good. Sharing, liking, and commenting are so easy, but it is difficult to convert a user into a dollar.

2. Instagram has less visibility

All social media are initially made to connect friends and family. So a business accounts for most less visibility to compare to a personal profile.

3. People unfollow often

Instagram is not like other social media platforms; there is no limit of the follower. You can gain millions of followers.

4. Visual content.

The main con of Instagram is, that it depends on images. It means your images should be attractive and quality. Your post is an image, and a catchy image will attract more followers.

Poor quality pictures will not grab visitors’ attention to attract followers. They will skip your page, and they will not read your message in your description.

5. Everyone does not use Instagram

This is another cons of Instagram that everyone does not use Instagram because it is only Android and iPhone app. If your devices Blackberry or Linux, it will not work. It means you have some limit to reach your target followers.

6. Labeled as a business.

If you want people to see your profile as a business account. Label your account as a business take the socialness out from Instagram profile. Instagram is base on building communities of individuals minds, who share their experiences with others. This sharing is very informal.

However, business profiles have a more formal layout. The contents typically professional, and the explanation are engaged to convert follower into leads.

7. Cyberstalking.

when you are switching on your business account and start adding followers, .you do not know everyone personally; some followers are not your business friends but can be your rivals.

An Instagram stalker can steal your social media marketing strategies. So they will try to harm your business by stalking your account. Instagram stalker tries to creep your business secrets and use them against your business.

8. Your targeted demographics might not have an Instagram account

Instagram is a social platform that is influenced by younger age demographics. Still, older users examine Instagram with the number. It is a good expectation that the average users are young. But they do not want to like your content. With limited optional depending, that is not who wants to hear your brand message right now.

9. Instagram Ad features are less advanced

Instagram advertising is very straight forward, which is easy but always not the same. However, Instagram ads do not have all the abilities of Facebook ads. With the Facebook campaign that will build your page followers directly but Instagram has not this option.

So Instagram has less advanced ad features.

10. Instagram is time-consuming

All social media advertising takes time to manage and update. User has the power to comment and interact with the ads, which require monitoring.

Instagram is a visual platform; creative elements need frequent updates to keep massaging fresh and avoid ad lethargy. As a result, all this has time-consuming which a business can not bear.

11. It is difficult  to send people to a specific website

The traffic you see coming from Instagram will direct traffic. For understanding the traffic which comes from your Instagram needs efforts to understand, there are several steps you have to take. And many are unknow with how to create this data. Therefore the process is confusing, time-consuming, and also frustrating. These things lead to someone wanting to give up.

12. Out of organic reach

Instagram develops a large portion of the return from paid ads. When you log in to a business profile, you signal to Instagram that you are a business. While Free analytics will not free. But the word “free” always catches you. Therefore Instagram uses this word to attract small businesses.

Additionally to giving business account ‘free analytics”. Instagram also decreases growth and commitment to a business profile to the bonnet of paid ads.


Describing above all pros and cons of Instagram for business it all about your personal preference. But know you have to think about your own business and brand

Checking these pros and cons think about that what is the best, which will work for your account moving forward. Maybe yes or no. If you are using Instagram then you must focus on the visual beauty display of your services or products that you are offering. Finally, the decision is yours.

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