Ultimate Pinterest marketing guideline,How to use Pinterest for business?

Pinterest is a social network platform. In this platform, people can find ideas of inspiration for their interests.

The pin can link back to the website; therefore, Pinterest is an excellent source for driving traffic and sales for your business. Here we tell you The ultimate Pinterest marketing guideline, how to use Pinterest for business.


Pins help people to find more and more information on products which people want to buy.

How to improve your reach and promote your brand on Pinterest?

So, It is not true, thinking that Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the only ways to promote your business or brand.

There is also a big friend of your business is” Pinterest.”

However, Pins are well spreadable for your brand,s information than a tweet. Pinterest marketing is a hot ticket for your business marketing.

Pinterest marketing for a business account will add new marketing features to promote your brand on one of the best and faster-growing popular social media platforms. First, you should know,

Difference between a personal account and a business account:-

Although apparently, the business account is the same as a personal account.

But there is the main difference in a personal and business account on Pinterest that you should know!

  • The new style of service agreement

There is a big new style of service (TOS)agreement, for both personal and business accounts.

  • Give the ability to specify your business name.

Pinterest gives you the ability to specify your business or brand name. But your account has no specific name.

  • Marketing education engaged in business.

In this social media platform, you can get more and more marketing engagement in your business so you can grow your business to the modern level. Hance Personal account needs no marketing education.

  • Access to upcoming characteristics.

It gives you easy access to upcoming characteristics for your business account.

  • Pinterest promises new tools for business accounts.

It has a great promise to its followers to introduce new tools for business accounts.

So All the above features personal profiles can not have access, so for a business, you should have a business account.


Why should we use Pinterest for business?

There are some main reasons for using Pinterest as a business account.

1. The fourth popular social network Pinterest in the US.

It is ranking more than tweeter, Linkedin, and Whatsapp.

Almost 29% of US adults have a Pinterest account. Mostly people use this platform for buying in the US.

2. Pinterest has a strong global impression.

Pinterest has a vast global impression because the monthly active user is increasing fastly.

And are grew 39 % from 172 million to 236 million.

3. Visual search is on at a high level.

As you know, Pinterest is a “visual discovery engine.”

It is the only platform that offers you visual search. Pins and boards are increasing visual search.

4. It is popular among women, especially in moms.

Meanwhile, in many countries, women are shopping online. Pinterest is popular among women.

More than two and half of Pinterest base on women.

In the USA, 9 in every 11 moms are on this platform. And also buying household products and services from this platform.

5. Pinterest is used as a shop.

Approximately 85% of weekly users use Pinterest to help what to buy. And 84% of weekly users purchased from this platform.

6.  Upgrade pins for brand display.

Pinner likes to find new products.

Some 78 % of weekly users regularly find new brands and products on Pinterest.

7. Visual content encourages people.

People use pins to find new ideas and plan for special events. It also helps to discover their needs.

Brands display their products in pins that encourage people.

8.Different in the setting.

Therefore Pinterest has different in sitting. It means your Pinterest account will not have an automatic link to your Facebook account. So you can add the Facebook tab to your Pinterest homepage.

9. There are many other benefits of Pinterest are,

  • Increased awareness
  • New ideas
  • Increase sales
  • Additionally blog traffic

Important terms of Pinterest for a business account

Likewise, on other social media platforms, Pinterest has its slang.

  • Pins

The pin is a type of post publish on Pinterest similar to a Facebook post. In pins, you can include an image or video, text, and also can link back to a source.

  • Pinner

There are members on Linkedin, and Instagram has grammar.

Same Pinterest has pinner

  • Boards

Pinterest has a board. These boards are like a digital mate for mood boards.

On the board, you can use a group of pins around a certain theme.

  • Save Button

Save Button is a Pinterest browser plugin for firefox and chrome.

You can install it on your website, so inner can save your pins to their board.

  • Audience insights

Business accounts have analytic audience insight.

For example, age, location, gender, etc.of the audience.

  • Pinterest lens

This tool is a camera tool that is available on Android and Apple devices.

It allows the users to take a picture or something and find related content on the site.

pinterest for marketing

Why you should use Pinterest for business?

create a brand new business account

If you have a personal account, then log it out.

New go-to Pinterest for making a new business account, complete all your details about your business account.

So if you agree with all terms, then read and accept business terms of service and click “create an account.”

Share your creative, actionable, and inspiring pins.

Pins are the first formate to sharing your pictures and inspiring ideas of your brand.

If you succeed on Pinterest, you need to please and engaging pins visually. These engage pins to catch people’s attention, and they want to know more about their products or services.

Enhance your Pinterest profile

When you set up your Pinterest account, this is not enough.

When people are visiting your pins and board,  you should clear the idea of your brand.

So you are going to influence Pinterest for business .then start by optimizing your account,

  • First of all, optimize your profile picture and company.
  • A beautiful and eye-catching cover photo that reflects your brand style.
  • Write an accurate description of your brand, which defines your brand.
  • Insert your brand URL.

Search trading topics and keywords

After searching what trading on Pinterest, you can decide what content of your brand and product.

For finding your brand relevant keyword type keyword in the keyword search bar it is social search engine.

Advertisement on Pinterest

Pinterest ads look like regular pins.

But there is a difference between them, for ads pins you have to pay so that more people can see your pins.

Use rich pins

The use of rich pins makes your profile more absolute and straightforward. These pins add information further to the image.

These pins are:

Article pins

Product pins

Recipe pins

App pins

Think that Pinterest is like a search engine

Although Pinterest is a social media platform, and it has powerful search functionality.

When people use Pinterest, they can use the search bar for their relative search because it has label appropriately and categorizes each pin and board.

Some ways to improve your business account:-

Chose a good logo of your business account

When you complete your business account, now upload your current brand logo chose your username; it can be your brand URL also.

Include your bio keyword that is perfect for search.now add all details, so the people connect to you.

Website verification

website verification able to access you to Pinterest analytics.

But how can you do it?

Firstly, go to the main page of your account, go to edit profile, and scroll to the bottom and add your website address and click verify. Now you can see a pop-up with verification instructions, click the complete the process button. You receive the message of verification.

Start pining

Now you are ready to Start pining. Add the Pinterest “pin it bookmarklet” to your toolbar.

Once you installed it, you can easily pin images, videos to interest account.

Set up Pinterest Boards

It is time to set up your board. The naming of your board is based on your keyword.

Give every board-specific name. Write fascinating and targeted descriptions of your board. Don’t forget to add it frequently to keep your follower engaged and make your board discoverable.

Develop great content

Educational content is a life of Pinterest.

Subsequently, 85% of pinner says that it helps them to learn new things. So be sure that your content is instructional visual content that allows people to learn something. Your content should also be inspiring and informational.

Because people want to see content that has inspiring ideas, informal content is the type of educational content; therefore, it also helps you to engage people in your pins.

Publish your pins at the right time for increasing engagement.

Likewise, other social networks’ time is everything on Pinterest.

Occasion related pins is a big thing for Pinterest. Certainly, Timely publishing pins are helpful to the active audience on your Pinterest content.

After publishing, you can analyze your post-performance at different times of day or week.

With ads, you can target the right pinner.

It is another effective way to follow on Pinterest with ads. It allows advertisers to target keyword, location, age.

Use pins to improve shopping.

If you want people to use pins to improve the shopping experience, then just add a save button; you can also use pins for a shop so that it also increases sales. This is the best way to make Pinterest so powerful for your brand.

These pins help to make it easy for pinner to find and buy the product or service of his demand.

 Take pining like a boss.

Follow best practices of the platform and keep in mind its benefits to your brand.

Your pins are the way which convinces your customer, so pins are like your boss.

Secure your account.

Hence, your Pinterest account is the core part of your business make sure your account is secure form cyberstalking.

These people try to damage your business social presence for their cheap purpose. They steel your business social media strategies.


Consequently, now you are sure that Pinterest is right for your business. So make, your best strategy to gain full benefits out of it and increase your product sale and website traffic.

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