Average time spend on Social Media and its platforms in 2021

Social media is the best way to live connect with people. They spend lot of on Social Media and its platforms in 2020 and it increases very much due to covid 19 lockdown. Because people spend a lot of time on social media, It can be beneficial for your business.

It not only allows friends to stay in touch who live just near to your house but also with those people who live just across continents. People spend average time on social media and its platforms of a day. But with that persistent connection, the question arises: How average time spend on social media each day? For the answer to this question, keep reading.

Why Social Media statistics matter.

Nowadays, social media is a massive part of people’s lives. The user of social media is increasing day by day. For the first time, 11 people use social media every second. Less than 2.6 billion people were on social media in 2017 in the hole world.

Today, In 2021, 4  billion people use social media, which is half of the world’s population. As we think, social media play an essential role in our life today or into the future.

Average time spent on social media daily in the world.

On average, we spend 145 minutes or two half hours on social media. But this number is just an average. In many places in the world, people spend more of their time on social media.

In many places in the world, people spend more of their time on social media. hence study of this can help us to a better understanding of how to affect social media is in the lives of people in the world.

Some statistics:-

  • South America:3hrs 25min
  • North America:2hrs 7 min
  • Asia:2hrs 18min
  • Europe:1hrs 17min
  • Africa:3hrs 12min

Furtherly the time people spend on social media every day has been increasing since 2012. There is no way to forecast in the future. We expect that in 2021 the worldwide average will speedily rise—especially the number of internets and social media users in all the world increases.

Spending time on social media in a life

In 2020 most people are starting the use of social media at the age of ten. It means the person will spend an average of 3.463,393 min of his life using social media. In another way, you can say a person has spent approximately seven years and nine months of his life on social media at the age of 2021.

It also means they are on the track of using social media more and more in their life. If we do not believe in this figure out, we can observe how much we spend our lifetime on different platforms of the social media network.

It is not wrong to say that some people use entier life on social media platforms for their income. But we do not know how much ordinary people are using each social media platform daily.

Face book

nowadays, Facebook is the most wildly used social media platform. Nearly 2.35 billion active users per month. Facebook holds the position of the biggest social media platform, and its user is worldwide. Around about 58 mins per day, an average of users are active on this platform. Its user almost uploads 350 million photos and watch 9 million videos daily.


Instagram is also a big social media platform, which is owned by Facebook. It has 600 million daily active users, who upload 96 million photos and 250 million stories each day. but you should be careful from Insta stalker.


Hence, Youtube close behind Facebook, .where people watch 6 billion videos daily. Youtube has 31 million daily users. Its user spends an average of 41 min on this platform.


also, Facebook owns Whatsapp. Which has 330 million active users, whos send 44 billion messages daily on this platform. And the user spends an average of 29 min per day.


Twitter has 101 million active users of a day who posts 145 million tweets per day. Its current registered user is round about 1.4 billion.


Additionally, LinkedIn is the oldest social media network on this platform, with 547 million active users daily. And it is adding almost 5.1 million new accounts per month.


Whereas, Pinterest has 71 million active users who spend an average of 14.5 min on the site. It has more than 101 billion pins and more than 1.2 billion boards.

In the end, In 2021, the social media network is changing its landscape constantly and rapidly. People spend most of their time on social media. And it will rise quickly in 2022,2023. Therefore, social media has an essential roll in our lives, at least for now.

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